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Giant Operation table game, based on the old favourite but now blown out of all proportion, carry out that Giant Operation on our hilarious, life sized Giant Operation 'patient', one false move and the buzzer sounds.


Giant Body Bits – 7ft x 3ft Giant Body bits game. Try & get the 12 body parts out with out ringing the ball.

Its just like the operation game you played when you were little.


Very fast set up times, a great looking game and lots of fun: Adams Apple, Writers Cramp, Spare Rib, Bread Basket, Tennis Elbow, Ankle Joint, Water on the Knee & Broken Heart, they are all in there

A game of skill & nerve!



Ideal for babies and toddlers under three years old


Let the children’s imagination build these into whatever they can think of...




Deluxe 21 pieces soft shapes.

soft disney +race sims 324

Seated in authentic bucket race seats with force feedback steering wheel and full pedal set each driver has an independent screen for head to head racing action on the built in LCD screens..


The twin seat rally racing system features a link up system allowing drivers to race head to head with independent screen views. The system features a choice of cars and courses is available. The system includes fitted blue LED accent lighting for night time use.

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Test your skills of balance and stamina as the board twists and tilts, supplied with an inflatable bed for when you wipe out! The board controls are fully adjustable by the operator in speed and movement to suit a novice or the more experienced surfer!


Perfect for Hawaiian and beach theme parties.

surf simulator

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Giant Body Bits 

Soft Play Deluxe Shapes

rally seats